As a corporate-cooperative dedicated to time transformation, the HQI rethinks and rebuilds spatiotemporal processes across all ages, by combining the manic wilderness of artistic thinking with the cold precision of analytic engineering.

We have been helping humans—across all cultures, classes, politics, and belief systems—to achieve greater autonomy and awareness of our Continuum history, the impactful Between Zone, and the complex political machinations that exist beyond all these.

There is no higher qualification than to SEE the Continuum, for this is to understand the reason and relation of every quality throughout all time. Moreover, when this world encounters the universe beyond its Continuum, all our qualities as a civilization will have to compete with all the other dimensions’ qualities. And then which qualities do you think will be of value? Only those qualities that can navigate all our world’s qualities, and then go beyond them!

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Annual Revenues


Annual Revenues
Diplomatic ⋏⍜⋏ Envoys


Diplomatic ⋏⍜⋏ Envoys
Between Zone Guardians


Between Zone Guardians

Learn our history.
Become our future.

    Our story, the story of the Highly Qualified Individuals, begins in the waters of the Aegean, on the great plains of Russia’s steppes, atop the towering Himalayas—in all these places and more: We have our origins in every moment, every place a person dares to SEE beyond the world. You are a Highly Qualified Individual whenever you see the Continuum for what it truly is.

    Yet for the purposes of this narration, let us focus on our founders—who, in the late 1960’s, within the city of Nagasaki Japan, discovered a fantastic device. Later, they would learn that this device—which they called an Eye—belonged to a great cross-dimensional civilization. Our founders would eventually learn how, after atomic explosions had torn a hole in the Continuum, this Eye had been sucked into our world. At the time, however, our founders (only children then) hadn’t learned all that. All they knew was what the Eye showed them: all of time at once, and glimpses beyond time.

    They began to experiment with how to make the device work reliably, so they could mass produce it for the public. They made some progress. Have you ever heard of computers? Of video games? These innovations have their roots in this Eye.

    However, these innovations were paltry compared to the deeper revelations of their original Eye. They had achieved extravagant commercial success, but their ambitions went further than that. After all, they had glimpsed the great interdimensional civilizations! They wanted to earn our world a place among that vision.

    Retiring from the video game industry, they made an appeal to a plethora of esoteric/innovative/artistic organizations and individuals throughout the world. It was among these groups that they found their kin; each group, it seemed, had been trying to recreate an extraordinary Continuum-transcending experience in some way or another. Realizing this unified identity, our founders forged a new name which could fit us all:

    The Highly Qualified Individuals.

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    Our Leadership

    We often share our authority, because of how fiercely independent and spatiotemporally distant we are, living in every corner of history and the world. Spiritual gurus. Business leaders. Wise Fools. Irrational Geniuses. Humble Servants. All dedicated to applying their extraordinary experiences to our common Eyes…

    Meet Our Team


    A  group of individuals cultivating extraordinary experiences and creating ‘Eyes’ to help them and humanity SEE, to therefore transcend our Continuum.  

    Responsibility to S.E.E

    We believe in adopting responsible perception practices that create positive interpretations for our Continuum. We wish to contribute to the history we inhabit in the way that will result in the most powerful humanitarian position, relative to our dimensional neighbors as well as our own species.

    Our Surveillance Program is Responsible


    A public human society that can SEE through the brokenness in the Continuum (which until now gave it definition), to harness the Between Zone beyond definition.