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A Caretaker Between Zone Fortress! – HQI

Surveillance Logs

A Caretaker Between Zone Fortress!

Surveillance Logs



It would be an understatement to say that we have an awareness of the conflict between the Caretakers and the Dismantlers. This conflict is well-documented, because arbitrating the war between these factions is at the center of our political goals within the multiverse. Our work with the Schism Engagement Accord (SEA) has made the most promising strides of any dimension yet.

With all our focus on the Caretakers and Dismantlers, however, we have neglected some of the ‘fringe’ factions in the SEA. Who can blame us? There are an infinite number of universes beyond our Continuum. For us to focus on all the dimensions who name themselves such silly things as ‘The FewZors,’ would be wasting our time.

Though we have neglected the FewZors, they have made themselves known during the crucial moment of this Eyes of Time fiasco, with this leaked video.

The FewZor GoFundMe

The Zorinthines are an ancient faction from a small universe with a flimsy Continuum. They were all but wiped out during the Schism. Those that remain seem to think of themselves as keepers of a mystic technological power that can be distributed throughout the dimensions to restore Unity. 

They are trying to use the crisis in our Continuum for converting our world to their cause, so we can be the ones to spread their technology. As part of their marketing, they have started a Go Fund Me campaign (gofundme.com/fewzors, $0 of $20,000 raised). They’ve also taken the name “FewZors”—as if such a dorky name is going to ingratiate them to our cynical human race!

The Tape

Despite their dismissible name and paltry crowdfunding campaign, we must not dismiss this video on their GoFundMe campaign.

We do not know how they got this video, because our own surveillance bots register the blackout typical to Between Zone travel. Somehow they have captured footage from what looks like a Caretaker fort, set up in the Between Zone. The youth of the Eyes of Time, presumably after breaking Siegfried and Corina’s time-traveling Eye, were transported to this fort where they were admonished by a Caretaker that their act had broken our Continuum, and they had to fix it by fighting Dismantlers.

This is a grievous breach of the neutralization treaties we have signed with the Caretakers and Dismantlers and the entire SEA. These treaties are meant to maintain neutrality around our dimension and its surrounding Between Zone. This is a mutually beneficial and binding agreement, so why would the Caretakers take these action except for the most myopic reasons?

In light of this breach, the HQI actually reaffirms the FewZor statement about this video from their GoFundMe, which reads:

When the Eyes of Time  youth recently broke their Continuum, the Caretakers immediately intervened with harsh and un-compassionate punishment, bringing these mere children into their pointless embroilment with the Dismantlers. 

Our concerns: 

Our primary concern is for our agents in the field. We have already dispatched several time-travelers into the Continuum breaches throughout Northern New Mexico, and although we were already aware of several monstrous breaches (to be described in future blogs) we expected those opportunistic attacks. Our agents are prepared to deal with those independent actors. What concerns us about this new finding is that this seems to be a long-term campaign to undermine our diplomatic safety. How can we be prepared for an assault of that scale and preparation?


2 thoughts on “A Caretaker Between Zone Fortress!”

    1. Quite more than real, Dianna.
      It is troubling to find that, after all our efforts of diplomacy, the Caretakers have continued to build up fortresses within our neutral zones.
      More troubling, however, is how immediately they seemed to respond to the crisis of this broken Eye–as if they were anticipating it.
      The HQI acknowledges the need for additional aid, and are accepting recruits…if you would like to join our ranks.

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