Our Team

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead

We see your quote, Margaret, and we raise you one: We can change more than the world; we can change time itself. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Individuals, yes, but a Collective also. Like an efficient beehive of untamable cheetahs! Moreover, because we are constantly growing and flexing, it is entirely likely that every human exists as part of us–and they simply do not know it yet. With this in mind, there is nothing, nowhere, no when we cannot achieve. Never doubt, the only thing that ever has, is, or will change the world is the profound and eternal team that is the HQI.

All this said, much of our team prefers secrecy so we can’t show off much.

Only the following few members have chosen to ‘go public.’

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Rona-Kai is away on a mission right now and unable to provide a bio. Check back soon!

Personal Statement



"Steady Hands"

Steady Hands is the Aevum-Monitor at the HQI, keeping track of all fluctuations of the Continuum’s shape. It was her who alerted us swiftly to the recent disturbances, and if it were not for her swift but even alarm we may have been unable to respond to the incoming Betweenness. We call her “Steady Hands” because she keeps such a level watch, but we do not know her real name because she has never faltered in her task long enough to inform us of her personal statistics.

Personal Statement

“I am committed to extend all Continuua strata of our communities for the sustainability of time and our interpretation of time. I lay myself in service to the all human initiatives and practices, acting as the point of contact for the singularities that our world manifests and projects into all dimensions of our universe.”  (Personal Statement, 2017, at the CF conference)


Personal Statement

Using our expertise in technology, our education programs and partnerships aim to improve the knowledge base of students worldwide. Our seamless and borderless approach has made positive changes within the IT sector globally.

Corina is the daughter of a Santa Clara artist and activist notorious for pushing the traditional styles into esoteric multicultural themes. Corina grew up in the Pueblo under the impression that she was an outsider, because of how her mother’s identifications pushed her from the boundaries of the community. This made her wary of both the Pueblo and her mother, causing her to turn inward. Standoffish for much of her early youth, when she went to IAIA for high school she met a group of punk-activist friends who gave her an outlet to express her heritage while remaining outside of the regulating gaze of her community. However, as her political involvement became more intense, so did her ‘visitations’ from other dimensions. This alienated her from activism, and she finally broke away when the inter-dimensional visitors gave her a vision of an Eye.

Then she dropped out of school and set off, again on an inward path but this time alone, to find that Eye. Her international journey took her throughout South America and Oceania, and during these travels she assembled her Eye out of objects she found along the way—imbuing each object with the multifarious lessons that led her to those objects. But each object, although they all gave suggestions of infinite worlds, seemed to point her back to the simple singularity of her home. She didn’t want to go home, though, because she didn’t know how to explain her journey to her old friends and her family. So she camped out in and around the Valle Caldera for almost a year, before she happened upon another HQI, named Siegfried…


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Personal Statement

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Siegfried has been an HQI member since he joined the now-disbanded Teen Time Force in 2000. Since that time, he has become one of our most prodigious developers and proliferators of Eye technology. Offering public and private consulting services (specializing in the areas of Aveum-Surveillance, World-Line/Elsewhere Application and Theory, and Public-Relations-Based Continuum Cultivation), he is both a sober practitioner of the most cutting-edge spaciotemporal technology, and an ardent missionary for the upliftment of our world to the inter dimensional stage.  Additionally, alongside fellow HQI Corina, he has been cultivating the Eyes of Time: a youth group in the tradition of the Team Time Force, dedicated to raising the next generation HQI. On his free time, he likes to take hikes throughout Northern New Mexico, where he has lived all his life.

Personal Statement

I strive to remove the veil of loneliness that humanity feels about its situation in this universe, and recover the birthright of our mythic truth. No longer should we suffer the illusions of the time we live in; now we must assert our power into that time.