Now, they are missing.

We need you to help us find them.

If you undertake this search, you must have…

1.  A car
2. A smartphone
3. The ability to do light hiking
4. Half a day in Albuquerque. Or the search can be broken into several days

How to Help:

(Click on each step for further instruction.)

Find the present-day locations for the agents’ SpatioTemporal Assignments.



<ALERT> This agent left their CommBox behind! However, this agent checked out a book entitled The Pueblo Food Experience from our library. They may try to hot-wire this book and send their message through its pages. Check local booksellers in the North Valley, where this agent traveled. <ALERT>



The Works Progress Administration funded several projects in Albuquerque during the depression, including the West San Jose elementary school in Barelas. The school no longer exists, and the building has been converted into a library and a restaurant–as part of a cultural center. But we need you to travel back, agent, to the time when children used to play beside the eastern wall of the school, along the old Camino Real, a.k.a. fourth street.



Thirty five years from now, this South Valley Wilderness Area should be a thriving ecosystem and respite from urban life. The present-day visitor’s center, with it’s mural-painted courtyard, will likely be relocated by that time. Start in that courtyard, agent, and work your way forward through time…

At the present-day SpatioTemporal Assignment locations,

locate the agents’ CommBoxes.


Sensitive Time Technology!
CLOSE AND LATCH after use!

Listen to the CommBox messages for clues about what happened to the agents, and where they might have gone.

HQI protocol mandates that all agents who cannot proceed with their mission should reconvene at a separate, common rendezvous location. Perhaps you can find this location?

And then…we don’t know.

But if these agents are worth their salt, they will be using all their time-technology to get back. We strongly recommend you download the “HP Reveal” app, and follow “HQI Mission’s Public Auras.”

Through this app, you may be able to use your smartphone to extract the agents from their secret rendezvous!

Test your time technology before you go into the field!

After you have followed “HQI Mission’s Public Auras” in the HP Reveal app, scan this image, or the news-flyer entitled “Time Agents Lost…”

This should trigger a surveillance video of the agents outside crystal dove.

This pre-mission interview is our last record of the agents: