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Eyes of Time Surveillance Project: INTRODUCTION – HQI

Surveillance Logs

Eyes of Time Surveillance Project: INTRODUCTION

Surveillance Logs

Summary of video:

Although none of the Eyes of Time (EOT) Youth are of driving age, one of them (Lola) took her parent’s car, and they all stole the Eye from our HQI agent, Siegfried. then crammed in to go to Pedernal. They never made it to their destination, however, because when they took a pit-stop at the Abiquiu Inn, a fight broke out among them about how and why to use the Eye. This fight caused the device to shatter, and sent the youth hurdling into the Between Zone.

Preliminary Events:

The Eyes of Time (EOT) began as a youth group, started by HQI members Siegfried and Corina under the model of our long-disbanded the Teen Time Force. These leaders volunteered their time to training a new generation for Continuum travel. However, since Corina’s disappearance in January 2018 (more on that, in following reports), Siegfried has been gradually transforming the EOT into a for-profit tourism company.

It seems that in the process of this transformation, the youth felt abandoned. Understandably, because one of their leaders (Corina) had inexplicably disappeared, and their other leader (Siegfried) was singularly obsessed about his massive, public, profit-based project and he had done nothing to console or reassure them.



Surveillance Justification:

Siegfried had also abandoned the HQI during this time; as he was one of our most progressive (albeit arrogant) members, we had sponsored his many whims (including the EOT) under the assumption that one of them would pan out eventually. When the EOT began its transformation from a youth group into a proper company, we assumed that this was merely the next evolution of his ultimate aim to get the public to SEE. However, when his communications with us ceased except for contemptuous demands that we ‘stop our meddling,’ we became concerned.

Our concern soon reached the point that we felt our only recourse was to dispatch covert surveillance bots around Siegfried and Corina’s Eye. Although that is hardly an ideal tactic, we had to consider our investment on this particular Eye, as well as our troubling history of sabotage. Covert surveillance seemed the only responsible thing for protecting the integrity the HQI’s overall mission.

And not a minute too soon! As soon as we attached our bots to Siegfried’s Eye, the youth of the EOT–at last fed up with their absent leaders–stole that Eye. It was not long before they had broken it, and with it, our entire Continuum. Now the EOT company has ‘launched,’ it is essential that every HQI knows the story of this travesty and what can be done to fight it.

The following series of reports will outline this calamity, and the dangerous exposure these youth and our world have endured as a result. Each report will contain analysis and recommended procedures for revising our Continuum and dealing with the Eyes of Time.

Note on Secrecy:

Although we are presenting these reports so all HQI know the state of things, the general public is not to know about any of this. The EOT has done enough damage in announcing the brokenness of our Continuum as part of its product. We must downplay that. Our fledgling public relations campaign is trying its utmost to balance the weight of this damage; please do not exaggerate the imbalance. Absorb the information and act accordingly–but do NOT project this problem any further into the collective consciousness than it already is!



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