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Surveillance Video One: Dismantler Attack? – HQI

Surveillance Logs

Surveillance Video One: Dismantler Attack?

Surveillance Logs


Transported into a past time (1860AD) Ace, Cindy, and Gregory find themselves on a Spanish-Colonial hacienda somewhere near the place in Abiquiu where they originally shattered the Eye. As they investigate the building, something happening inside one of the rooms startles them, and they run away. This is when they encountered an inter dimensional being who…pushed? Ace into a well. More than a well…she seems to be caught in a well.

Their first glimpse into the Continuum

After encountering the Caretakers in their treaty-breaking fortress, these youth splintered into several groups according to how the Eye had broken. Each group had to separately encounter the raw shattering of the Continuum. This group seems to have had a particularly challenging exposure to history, being exposed as they were to…whatever they saw.

We believe they saw the territorial New Mexican practice of slavery. They also believe this is what they saw, as they note in their vlog here.┬áThis factual aspect of the Continuum is only-recently-emerging into our popular conception, but as more evidence emerges we are learning that slavery was a way of life. The Spanish Colonial powers pioneered the New Mexican territory partially because they needed more slaves to run their silver mines in central Mexico. Later, the Spanish monarchy made earnest attempts to quell the practice but by then the institution was ingrained and difficult to track. The EOT youth have come into the scene here, in 1860, in witness to the practice of this institution. What they saw, we can only guess at, but it was enough to send them running…

The Dismantlers

Although this is a pretty abnormal situation for our dimension, we were not surprised to find the Dismantlers to appear. The Dismantlers, unlike the Caretakers, are (ostensibly) not a highly-centralized political group. They like to characterize themselves as the misfits and the allies of the oppressed. Perhaps this is why they appeared soon after an instance of slavery: they might see themselves as offering some amount of relief to our Continuum if they dismantle that aspect of our history.

What we find strange about this encounter, however, that instead of immediately rending apart the Continuum substance and returning it to the Between Zone, this Dismantler engages with the youth. And when Ace confronts the Dismantler, it says that it wants them to teach, that it will help them…and then it seems to push her into the Between Zone.


An inscrutable message

This series of events is inscrutable to us, at least in the lens what we assume to know about the Dismantler’s existing political policy. Conventional understanding of the Dismantlers states that this group is determined to return to the Between Zone the excessive and harmful forms that self-aware dimensional beings have imposed upon the multiverse. Their entire platform is built upon, to use (loosely) an American political term, this “libertarian” approach wherein natural law governs far better than self-aware constructions.

But if this is true, what does the Dismantler mean by ‘teach?’ How can one teach, even teach with the premise of Dismantling, without adding a construct to the mind and therefore (because mind and reality are linked) to the multiverse? This has been a central paradox and puzzle for us outsiders observing the Dismantler way, and we have often wondered how they consolidate the dichotomy it presents. We find it strange that they are projecting aspects of the dichotomy directly, in their first (HQI-documented) non-SEA engagement with our Dimension.


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